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Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Episode Eighty Nine

Hey again:

Episode Eighty Nine

As well as an interview with Jack Of Kent, we've got Doctor Who, Nick Clegg, Meatloaf, and Francis Wheen, while iszi describes her own naked body.


Kristjan said...

The killing the bear reference was a bit too obscure to me, until I looked at the Google obviously. Hadn't even heard about the movie in question.

Oh, and Simon could just have played the original Space Invaders, which was related in 1978 (OK, it has been re-released multiple times, so it's quite likely that both of you could have played it growing up - I certainly did).

Marc said...

It's Rube Goldberg, not Rube Goldenberg. Who made the mistake: Simon or Simon's supplement?

Sundays Supplement said...

Simon, obviously. He mispoke, attempting to read the word "Goldbergian" and got it wrong on all counts.